The good news for conductors:

An overview of the conducting masterclasses, workshops and courses.

The good news for conductors:

Choral Workshop for Orchestral Conductors

choir workshop

Choral Workshop for Orchestral Conductors with Maestro Martin Sieghart (Austria). Read more about Maestro Martin Sieghart.

This 7-day professional development workshop, designed for conductors, gives special emphasis to the important role non-verbal skills can play in rehearsal and performance with choirs at all levels and soloists.


Advanced Workshop content:
The course is broadly based on the following areas:
• Vocal development, skills and health
• Conducting gesture and communication in rehearsal and performance
• Score Preparation, rehearsal preparation and repertoire
• Developing a wider gesture vocabulary with awareness of the effect on tone and intonation
• Understanding and applying vocal technique at different ages
• Developing your singers’ musicianship skills
• Increasing programme-planning and note-writing skills
• Explore movement activities deigned to improve intonation, timbre, rhythmic accuracy and to expand dynamic range.
• Examine the effect of the conductor’s posture and gesture on vocal production and choral tone.
• Experience how effective pacing and affirmative instruction improves both focus and retention in the choral rehearsal.
• Enhance practical conducting skills during daily master classes.
• Expand choral arranging skills

Intensive conductor training includes sessions with piano, choirs, soloists and the orchestra.

Sessions with piano will take place at the Chopin house, Hlavní 47, 353 01 Mariánské Lázně.
Sessions with the orchestra will take place at the Municipal Town theater, Třebízského 106, 353 01 Mariánské Lázně
The concert will take place in the historical concert hall Casino.

Please, contact Masterclass Manager for more information – link