The final concert. The Otakara Jeremiáše concert hall.

Wonderful master class with Maestro Martin Sieghart and South Czech Philharmonic finished yesterday in Budweis.
It was the great final concert!
Thank you, everyone!

J. Strauss : Ouverture “The Gypsy Baron” (8′) and/or “A night in Venice” (7′)
F. Schubert : Symphony No.8 “Unfinished” in b minor,D.759 in B minor (25′) and/or Symphony Nr. 4 in C minor, “The tragic” (35′)
I. Stravinsky : Pulcinella-Suite (18′)
J. Haydn : Symphony Nr. 88 in G major (22′)
L. Beethoven : Symphony Nr. 1 in C major (25′)
A. Dvořák : Symphony Nr. 9 in E minor op. 95 “From The New World” (45′)