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Overview of the conducting masterclass, 26.6 - 02.7.2015


We offer you a 7-day masterclass with Maestro Olivieri-Munroe and a full professional symphony orchestra (55 musicians) - The Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra (Czech Republic). The masterclass includes orchestral rehearsals, individual lessons with two pianists, a dress rehearsal and a final concert.

The conducting masterclass will take place in Reduta Hall, Olomouc. ( Hotel accommodation will be provided.)

This masterclass includes pieces from the main repertoire of orchestral conducting, based on European and Russian classical music.

The main aim of this course is to give you a stepping stone for your development, on the way forming your individual conducting style. The course will include individual lessons with two pianists for the development of conducting techniques, the analysis of scores and preparing for rehearsal with the orchestra, as well as orchestral rehearsals and the concert. This masterclass is focused on the conducting techniques of students and graduates of music academies. There is no age limit, however, this masterclass is suitable for advanced conducting students and professional conductors.

The masterclass has a wide range, focussing on all aspects of conducting: from elementary conducting gestures, through all the technical elements, scores and style analysis, to certain psychological preparations for orchestral conducting at rehearsals and the concert.

We offer you several pieces, some of the most important scores in the orchestral repertoire for study with different styles, forms and particularities of conducting. The majority of the masterclass participants, assuming they continue their musical careers, will more than likely continue their conducting practice, and anything you can do to become familiar with this famous repertoire in advance is helpful.

Experience, especially sensitive subtle insight and discernment of prof. Olivieri-Munroe allow you to feel free in achieving a final successful effect in the concert.

You will have an opportunity to work with the big professional symphony orchestra. --

The Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra, and a great young Czech soloist, - Olga Šroubková (1993).

Each Active Participant will conduct the Symphony orchestra for a minimum of 25 minutes daily

It will provide a new charge of energy to your progressive line of conducting and the next step in your professional growth.


W.A. Mozart - Die Zauberfloete (Ouverture)

C. M. von Weber, Ouverture d'Oberon

L. Beethoven - Symphony No. 2

P.Tchaikovsky - Symphony No. 5

P.Tchaikovsky - Concerto for violin and orchestra

S. Prokofiev - Romeo and Juliet (Suite No. 2)

Conductors are expected to purchase and study their scores prior to the start of the course. It is important that you listen to and prepare the pieces as much as possible to gain the maximum benefits from the course.

Dates and the structure of the masterclass 26.6 - 02.7.2015

26.6 - arriving, accommodation
          - opening of the masterclass.

27.6 - individual/public lessons, analysis of conducting techniques, a work with two pianists.

28.6 - individual/public lessons, analysis of conducting techniques, a work with two pianists.

29.6 - orchestra rehearsal,
          - rehearsal with two pianists,

31.6 - orchestra rehearsal,
          - rehearsal with two pianists,

1.7 - orchestra rehearsal with the soloist,
          - rehearsal with two pianists and the soloist.
          individual lessons,

2.7 - 10.00 - Dress rehearsal
          19.30 - Final public concert


A participant, who has successfully passed all the lessons and showed himself to be at a sufficient conducting level will conduct at the final concert on Friday 2.07.2015, There is space for all active participants! The concert program will be divided between participants.


The course will be taught primarily in English, and secondarily in Russian.

We will make our best effort to provide language support if you don’t speak these languages. Please make a note in your application if you need that support.


We provide 7 nigths the accommodation in FLORA hotel ***, single rooms with breakfast included in the price.


Travel costs must be covered by each participant.

There are several airports around Olomouc: in Prague, Vienna, Brno and Ostrava.


All the sessions with the Symphony orchestra will be video recorded, and each participant will receive his or her videos on a 8 GB USB stick, which he or she may keep and take home.

You can use also your own cameras for video recording.

We can provide concert multi-angle recording upon your request at additional cost.