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22 - 30 January 2016, Ústí nad Labem
Opera Conducting masterclasses

5-day and 9- day intensive conducting master classes with Maestro Guerassim Voronkov and
The North Bohemian Theatre..
The program:
Opera-Gala and Il Trovatore by G. Verdi

The North Bohemian Theatre Ltd & International Conducting Masterclass s.r.o. are happy to invite you to take part in intensive Opera Conducting Master Classes in Usti nad Lábem (Czech Republic).

During the master classes the Orchestra, Choir and Ballet of the North Bohemian Theatre will be available for soloists and conductors tutoring. The purpose of the master classes is to provide practical experience with soloists and all theatre ensembles for opera conducting students. Students are provided the opportunity to take part in opera Il Trovatore production and the Opera-Gala concert.

This Opera Conducting Masterclasses are suitable for advanced conducting students, as well as professional conductors. In masterclasses can also take part those students, who are studying Conducting of Vocal performances or Opera Conducting university and conservatory faculties. Masterclasses are not have any age limit for participants.

We offer you an apportunity to work with Soloists, the Orchestra, Choir and Ballet ensembles in rehearsals lead by Maestro Guerassim Voronkov. Conducting by Simonov - Rabinovich Technique.

IL Trovatore - 22 - 30 January 2016, 9-day masterclass

You have the exceptional opportunity to be involved in the exciting production process of Verdi's "Il Trovatore"! In Il Trovatore performance will take part soloists of Czech opera theaters as well as the best singers of the Opera Singing masterclass. The duration of Il Trovatore is about 150 minutes in 4 acts, the maximum amount of participants on the course is 8, minimum - 6. It means, that every conductor will conduct as a minimum a half of one act in the performance or about 18-25 minutes. Time of ll Trovatore performance will be divided between participants. The same duration is valid for all scene rehearsals with piano, the Orchestra, Choir, ballet and soloists.

All lessons and rehearsals are open for auditors, participants can attend any rehearsals in both masterclasses Il Trovatore and Opera-Gala.

During masterclass for Il Trovatore are planned:

1) 3 various rehearsals with the orchestra, soloists, choir and ballet + Dress rehearsal and Performance. (together it is from 90 to 110 minutes - depends on a number of participants)
2) 6 various rehearsals with Piano, soloists, choir and ballet.= 110 -150 minutes.
3) one After piano rehearsal with Choir and soloists- from18 to 25 minutes
4) Individual lesson (30 minutes) with piano and soloists
5) Individual lesson (30 minutes) with Maestro and pianist without soloists.

Approximate amount of working time for Il Trovatore = 4,5 - 5,5 hours .

During rehearsals every participant will have the possibility to conduct all opera!

All scene rehearsals are used to connect the visual stage representation with the dramatic and artistic concepts of the musical composition.

In the masterclass will take part:
Orchestra - 37 - 40 musicians,
Choir -25 vocalists,
Ballet - 5 dancers.
Soloist from the National Theater Prague, soloists of the North Bohemian Theatre, the best singers of the Opera Singing masterclass

Opera Gala - 22 - 26 January 2016, 5-day masterclass

The masterclass is arranged in cooperation with the Opera Singing Masterclass.

The Opera Gala program offers:

1) 2 rehearsals with the orchestra and soloists + Dress rehearsal and OperaGala Performance = it is from 80 minutes
2) Individual lesson (60 minutes) with piano and soloists
3) Individual lesson (30 minutes) with Maestro and pianist without soloists.
If it is necessary, is possible to arrange additional lessons with piano and soloists.
Approximate working time for Opera Gala is 170 mins.

The Opera Gala part of the course offers conducting of several overtures from the list below.
Please select from this list and prepare 2-3 overtures which you prefer to conduct in the masterclass.
The pieces for working with the soloists will be announced later.
List of ouvertures:
L. Beethoven: Fidelio
W. A. Mozart: Figaro, The Magic Flute, Clemenza de Tito, Cosi fan tutte
G. Donizetti: Don Pasquale
V. Bellini: Norma
G. Verdi: The Force of Destiny, Nabucco, Un giorno di regno
G.Puccini: Intermezzo Manon Lescaut
G. Rossini: Barbero di Seviglia, La scala di seda, La gazza ladra
G. Bizet: Carmen
R. Wagner: Meistersingers, Tristan, Der fliegende Holländer
M. Glinka: Ruslan and Ludmila

Nevertheless you can still apply for both programs

Each participant conducting two programs in master class will get 420' minutes podium time:
The podium time for one conductor includes:
1) Individual lessons for conductors with Maestro and the pianist - 60'
2) Individual lessons with Maestro, soloists and the pianist - 60'
3) Various scene rehearsals with soloists, the pianist, Choir, Ballet and conductors - 120'
4) The anterpiano rehearsal - with soloists and Choir - 20'
5) Podium time conducting the full symphony orchestra - 160'
6) Participation in two public performances.


The course will be taught in English.

Nevertheless, Maestro Voronkov can speak English, Spanish and Russian.
We will make our best effort to provide language support if you don't speak these languages.
Please make a note in your application if you need that support.


Accommodation costs must be covered by each participant of the masterclass.
We provide you an accommodation in the hotel Vladimir **** single rooms with the price € 31 per night.


Travel costs must be covered by each participant.
The nearest airports are in Prague and Berlin.
Travel from Prague to Ústí nad Labem will take you about 1hour 15mins. There are connections every 30 minutes.


Rehearsals with the orchestra and both show will be recorded and copied on DVD.

The recording is included in the price.

You can use also your own camera for video recording.